Wastepaper Business


Our company provides professional services in the area of processing selected types of waste. We mainly focus on buy-up of wastepaper and waste polyethylene (PE) foil.

We cooperate with paper mills in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and other European countries. Our company is the exclusive supplier of wastepaper for the "Huhtamaki Czech Republic" paper mill (formerly Jipack).

We provide the following services to companies, organisations, and individuals:

  • Buy-up, sale and processing of wastepaper and waste PE foil
  • Regular removal of all reusable paper and foil from your premises FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Buy-up of wastepaper from schools and kindergartens – organising the so-called "rush collection"
  • Long-term services for buy-up of paper and foil under very advantageous terms and conditions
  • Small-scale buy-up of paper and foil brought by individuals and businesses to Hostín for the best prices
  • We guarantee exact weighing, using a regularly calibrated weighbridge